Learn Ga Now was started by friends Anas Ayi-Bonte and Joan Gregerson. We work together to bring you authentic Ga, in fun, effective formats!

Ready to learn Ga? Let us introduce the Ga teachers that we recommend...

Anas Ayi-Bonte

My name is Anas Ayi-Bonte, the Ga Teacher. Anas is pronounced “uh-noss”.

I am Wednesday-born. I grew up near Accra in Ghana. I grew up speaking the Ga language and I enjoy teaching people to speak it.

You can take part in my Ga language lessons online or contact me to schedule a phone or in-person class. I am happy to share the opportunity to speak my native language with you.


Nana Dokua Obuobi

Nana is an ambassador in our Learn Ga Now community.Nana grew up in Accra and is a native Ga speaker. You'll see her regularly posting songs and helpful phrases in our Facebook group to get you learning Ga everyday!

Nana graduated with a Math and Statistics degree from Cape Coast University in Ghana and earned her Master's degree in Actuarials at the University of Nebraska.

Nana is active in promoting the Ga language in the international community. She writes subtitles for Ga videos. She is a songwriter and helps those who are writing songs in the Ga language.  

She offers daily Ga lessons and 1-to-1 skype lessons. Nana is an independent Ga language tutor

About Joan Gregerson 

I work with the Ga language teachers to develop lessons that will be enjoyable and useful. I use my experience as a teacher to design lessons that have a variety of ways to listen, speak, read and write, and master the language.

I have taught English to adults and children, in the US, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. I am a language learner as well as a teacher. I have visited Ghana several times and am learning Ga with you!

I love Ghana!