We work together to bring you authentic Ga, in fun, effective formats! 

Anas Ayi-Bonte

My name is Anas Ayi-Bonte, the Ga Teacher ( Ga Chorlor). Anas is pronounced “uh-noss”.

I am Wednesday-born. I grew up near Accra in Ghana. I grew up speaking the Ga language and I enjoy teaching people to speak it.

You can take part in my Ga language lessons online or contact me to schedule a phone or in-person class. I am happy to share the opportunity to speak my native language with you.


Joan Gregerson 

I have taught English to adults and children, in the US, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. I am a language learner as well as a teacher. I have visited Ghana several times and am learning Ga with you!

Anas and I work together to develop lessons that will be enjoyable and useful. I use my experience as a teacher to design lessons that have a variety of ways to listen, speak, read and write, and master the language. 

I love Ghana!